Get the Blues with Alex V. Cook

In addition to being an author, an instructor at LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication and a member of The Rakers, Alex V. Cook has contributed his talent as an interviewer at Backstage at the Blues Fest for several years now. Read about what the blues is for him, then check out his playlist below.

"The blues is real people music. All of us are real people, of course, but often the art we use to reflect ourselves is about something more than ourselves. The blues is that music that is about having bills to pay, about having to go to work or not having work to go to, about getting it on or not getting it on. This not about the dream of what life can be, but about the waking hours where life is actually happening and being funny about it, or sad about it or even dispassionate about it. It's about what is really happening to real people."

Check out Alex's playlist below.