Get the Blues with Brandi Simmons, media/marketing chair

What was your first experience with the blues? "When I was little, my mom first introduced me to the blues through Bonnie Raitt. I was—and still am—fascinated with her voice, the slide guitar and that distinct blues sound. And her fabulous red hair."

What do you love about the blues? "The blues is much more than just a genre. It’s an all-encompassing history of people, culture and music. I think it’s really interesting to see so many contemporary musicians draw inspiration from traditional blues music and incorporate it into their songs. Whether an intentional goal of the musicians or not, it’s a great way to educate people about the history of music and keep the roots of blues alive."

About one of the 2015 performers in her playlist: "Since learning we'd have Son Little at this year's festival, I've been obsessively listening to his EP on repeat. That's probably the reason his song, "The River," is featured in the lineup video."

Check out Brandi's playlist below.