Buddy Guy


Curtis Harding

Kenny Neal & the Neal Family performing a Tribute to Raful Neal

Walter Wolfman Washington & the Roadmasters

The Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band 

Lazy Lester

Kent Burnside

Henry Gray 

James 'Chicken Scratch' Johnson 

Gregg Wright 

Adia Victoria 

Leo Bud Welch

Quinn Sullivan

Smokehouse Porter, Miss Mamie & the Gutbucket Blues Band

Lil Ray Neal

Delta Saints 

Chris LeBlanc Band featuring Luther Kent 

Luke Winslow King 

Elvin Killerbee 

Henry Turner Jr. and Flavor

Sundanze Howie

Mz. Pat

The Banditos

Loudness War

The Rakers

Tank and the Bangas

Michael Juan Nunez

Cafe Au Lait



Mighty Fine

The Bedlamville Triflers 

Palomino Darling

Southern Wonders

Cliff & Company 

Lighthouse Singers

Baton Rouge Music Studios

Danny Kane