Beverage Volunteer Opportunity

“Three beers coming right up! NEXT!!!” 

—Baton Rouge Blues Festival Beverage Volunteer

What Do We Want?

The Baton Rouge Blues Festival is looking for heroes. At least, you’ll be heroes to the attendees looking for something to quench their thirst during the Festival. While the majority of these positions will involve serving beer, and thus require individuals at least 21 years of age, there are a few all-ages opportunities available at our beverage stations serving only water and soft drinks. Depending on the need, some volunteers in this opportunity may perform additional duties such as handling bags of ice, restocking cups, and other duties as needed. These positions will involve handling cash and credit cards. Training will be provided for how to handle and process payments. Each volunteer shift will cover three hours and volunteers may sign up for more than one shift.

What Do You Get?

Volunteers will receive a Baton Rouge Blues Festival Volunteer T-shirt, a one-year membership to the Baton Rouge Blues Foundation, gain admittance to a restricted access Volunteer area with refreshment while off-duty during the Festival, be invited to attend a post-Festival Thank-You Party, and, of course, feel the warm tingling in your heart of helping to preserve and sustain a treasured part of Baton Rouge’s culture: the Blues.

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