Ambassador volunteer

Ambassador Volunteer Opportunity

“Hi, welcome to Blues Fest! Do you need any help with finding a location or figuring out when a certain musician is performing? Oh, and if you’re hungry, the food area is right over there and the food is awesome!” 

—Baton Rouge Blues Festival Ambassador

What Do We Want?

The Baton Rouge Blues Festival is looking for generally outgoing people who would enjoy helping attendees orient themselves to the layout of the festival and to serve as living, breathing information kiosks for all things Blues Fest related. This opportunity will primarily involve talking and interacting with the public; so if that isn’t something you enjoy, you may want to look to one of our other opportunities. If you are someone who likes to help people and interact with them, this opportunity is right up your alley. Ambassador Volunteers will receive all necessary guidance and information from the Festival Experience Chair. Each volunteer shift will cover three hours and volunteers may sign up for more than one shift.

What Do You Get?

Volunteers will receive a Baton Rouge Blues Festival Volunteer T-shirt, a one-year membership to the Baton Rouge Blues Foundation, gain admittance to a restricted access Volunteer area with refreshment while off-duty during the Festival, be invited to attend a post-Festival Thank-You Party, and, of course, feel the warm tingling in your heart of helping to preserve and sustain a treasured part of Baton Rouge’s culture: the Blues.

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